DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Leaves beginning to show colors. Crisp fall mornings. Halloween is just weeks away. A great time to get out for some family fun at a pumpkin patch.

John Young, fourth-generation family member, said, “Weather has been perfect, sun has been shining, so people are here getting all their pumpkins.” 

If you are looking for a place to bring the family, a pumpkin patch is the perfect place.

Young’s Jersey Dairy is providing the treats, with no tricks. Serving their fall favorite cinnamon sugar pumpkin spice donut holes, ice cream, and food along with a corn maze, a pumpkin patch and wagon rides.

Allie Thomas, who was picking pumpkins with her family said, “It’s so fun and we come here every year. We love it. It’s actually tradition, we recreate a picture every year at the same pumpkin patch so we love coming. It’s the best.”

Temperatures are expected to get in the mid 30s later this week, coating areas with frost, but that is not stopping Young’s Jersey Dairy from continuing to grow and pick pumpkins.

Young said, “There’s not a lot we can do to prepare. We have two different fields of pumpkins out there but a little bit of frost not so big of a deal. It could kill the plants, but the ground is so warm it kind of helps them grow, but we’ve also got a bunch of pre-picked pumpkins, so as long as it is not a hard freeze we are good to go.”

The fall crop will be the last of the year, and it is the most important for businesses with winter on the way.

Young said, “Fall is our peak busy time so if the weather is great which it has been and it looks like it is going to continue to be. That is great for us, that helps us survive the winter when everyone says they will eat ice cream all year round, and then they don’t in January.”

Young said they will be picking pumpkins until October 30th.