DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- Summer is the perfect time to get some exercise with man’s best friend, but it does come with some safety concerns.

With temperatures up to 90 degrees Monday in the Miami Valley, pavement can be as hot as 150 degrees. That is unsafe for humans and dogs. But humans have protection from shoes, something our canine friends do not have.

Dr. Kevin Przybylski, medical director at MedVet Dayton, said, “As the dog walks on the asphalt, if they are touching it for too long, they will develop first and even second-degree burns on their paw pads which is extremely painful.”

If you’re unsure whether the pavement is safe for your pup to walk on, there is a simple test to complete to make sure.

Kaitlin Becraft, education and outreach manager at SICSA, said, “I would recommend not walking on pavement today if possible. You can always check the pavement heat with the back of your hand, so you can lay it flat, and if it burns you it is definitely going to burn their paws.”

Staying hydrated and in the shade is very important, but with hot temperatures, setting limits on exercise is important in keeping dogs safe.

“Making sure you are not overexerting them, so maybe cutting your walk a little bit shorter today or doing something a little bit less exercise focused, so just a neighborhood walk instead of a hike or something,” said Becraft.

If your dog has a burned paw, wash it. If the burn is serious, see a veterinarian.