DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Climate Prediction Center is saying Ohioans could see a warmer than normal start to the winter.

Weather experts say people across the Miami Valley could experience less snow and rain in total amounts by the end of the winter season. It does not mean that individual weather events will be less severe throughout the season.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center Meteorologist Scott Handel says their group uses 33 percent as a base for how likely a weather event is to occur.

“Yes, I think even if you’re projecting, you know, or favoring above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation, that does not mean that Ohio will not experience any snowstorms,” said Handel.

The Climate Prediction Center is predicting between a 40 to 50 percent chance of an above-normal temperatures for the northern half of Ohio. In the lower third of the state, it is estimated to be between a 33 and 40 percent chance of above-normal temperatures.

The prediction organization is forecasting drier-than-normal conditions for much of the northern U.S.

Experts believe this is the first El Niño winter that has been forecasted in three years. Residents in the Miami Valley could see less overall snow due to the predicted decreased moisture in the air.

“What it would mean for the Miami Valley would be less snowfall and that could be less disruptive to travel,” Brian Coniglio, meteorologist, National Weather Service in Wilmington. “And perhaps some of the highway departments would have to their budgets wouldn’t be strained as much by snow removal.”

The change in weather patterns for the year is also forecasted to bring more wet weather to the southern region of the country during the winter months, which are likely to stick around through early 2024. 

NOAA’s official winter outlook will be available on Oct. 19th with a full breakdown of their winter forecasts. Meteorologists are saying everyone should remain vigilant and prepare for the worst weather conditions.

Below is a video on prepping your home for winter.