DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Temperatures over the next 48 hours will be in the single digits, even below zero at times.

Those temperatures can be dangerous, especially for kids, elderly, and those with health problems.

Health experts stress that you should not go out outside at all but if you do there are preventative measures to take. Layer up. Make sure your face, extremities and any exposed skin is covered. The 15-minute rule is good to abide by.

If you go outside, check in every 15 minutes for any skin discoloration and change wet clothes. Most importantly, take breaks.

Some symptoms to watch out for include redness or pain on your skin, areas turning white or a grayish yellow, feeling like your skin is getting firm or waxy, tingling or numbness and blisters forming.

Brittany Jamison, APRN for Premier Health said, “There’s different stages of frostbite, sometimes the skin will rearm and return to normal and then there will be some more severe cases where patients can have discolored skin for a prolonged period of time.”

If you are in those advanced stages, you will want to make sure to remove all wet clothes. You can get warm using a dry blanket and if things continue to get worse, call 911 Immediately.