Halloween is about the time we finally start seeing cold temperatures in the Miami Valley. This year the forecast looks like a normal late October day. Highs will be in the lower 60s and lows will fall into the mid-40s.

The average high for Oct. 31 is 60 degrees. The average low is 41 degrees. The warmest Halloween was in 1950. The record in Dayton was 80 degrees while the coldest low was 20 degrees in 1908.

Since 1900 we have seen a trace of snow seven years: 2019, 2014, 1955, 1954, 1951, 1934, and 1930. In 1993 there were two inches of snow on the ground with 0.4″ falling on Halloween.

Rain is common on Halloween. It’s rained seven of the last 10 years. Since 1920 it’s rained 40% of the time. The good news is Halloween looks dry this year.