DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – This summer has been filled with heat waves and rainfall lasting days, but has that impacted how often people have gotten out?

In the month of July, the Dayton International airport saw just over six inches of precipitation, which is the most rainfall seen in the month since 2003. There were 13 days that saw temperatures above 90 degrees, with the average temperature for the month being just over a degree warmer than last year. But one local business said they found that they aren’t seeing business decline due to the weather, but a change in when they see the most customers.

Ben Johnson, owner of Long Shots Driving Range, said, “Being an entertainment venue people want to come out, it’s not just something that like, ‘hey let’s go get something to eat.’ It’s like, they are enjoying this atmosphere, and so I don’t really feel like the weather has had a huge impact on it, it just changes when we are the busiest.”

Johnson believes weather doesn’t have a big impact on business, but that the facilities are what brings people in, rain or shine. 

“Having the covered patio, the inside space, we even have covered tees out here so when it’s raining, it could be snowing, it could be 10 degrees outside, people can still come and enjoy this.”

Stubbs Park in Centerville offers a summer concert series on Sunday nights, where they have actually seen an increase in people coming out to their park – even setting an attendance record.

Centerville Community Resources Coordinator Drew Simon said, “We bring in bands that our community is going to enjoy. We had some great crowds so far this year. Thousands of people, we actually broke an attendance record for one of our bands. They brought almost 5,000 people, that was Simply Queen.”

People wanting cooler and drier weather can expect those changes this weekend.