DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The holiday weekend is fast approaching, and people heading to Indian Lake will notice a change, after months of work to clean up invasive weeds.

Workers have been clearing invasive weeds since the middle of April. So far they have cleaned 61,000 cubic yards of the lake this year, which means that 75% of the water is open to boating now. Crews use different machines to cut and collect the vegetation and take it to disposal sites, and continue to work to clean the lake up this week.

Patricia Lee, who is camping at the park said, “We’ve been here relatively quite a few times during the summer so we’ve noticed a big difference especially for this weekend”

While she doesn’t own a boat, a group of friends have been camping at the park to get the best parking spot for the weekend, and are happy to use clean facilities.

Lee continued saying, “We drove around the lake yesterday and the bad part of the lake we saw was over by the spillway but on around the lake and here at the park it’s much, much better than it was.”

The group goes camping around Ohio state parks every year, creating long lasting memories.

Shirley Redmond, who is camping at the park said, “Seeing friends that you haven’t seen for awhile. Camping with friends and family and taking my dog Darby for walks, he loves going for walks and just being outdoors, it’s lovely.”

Officials say if your boat is impacted by vegetation power off your motor before removing any plant materials that may be stuck.