DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Another potential heat wave is upon us in the Miami Valley this week. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 90s on Tuesday and Wednesday, and people are finding ways to keep cool.

Carla Spriestersbach, Montgomery County resident said, “We go to the ball games and we get ice cubes and wet rags and wrap ourselves in them.”

It seems like it has been a hot June and the data over the past five years backs that up. We average three 90 degree days, but have already exceeded that number. So far, we have seen four days this month that have been in the 90s, setting one record high in the middle of June.

Several days over the next week are forecasted to get above 90, which would give this year the most above 90 degree days in the last nine years at the Dayton International Airport. Rainfall has been near normal so far this month, but we have not seen rain over the last seven days, and long range models indicate that the rest of the month could be drier than normal.

With the upcoming heat, staying cool and getting out can be a challenge. One local resident said he will still try to get out and get exercise, but avoid the warmest parts of the day.

Alex Nguyen, Montgomery County resident said, “Probably just try to get out in mornings and stay in the afternoon and you know choose a better time to get out, like after 4 or something like that.

With soaring inflation and rising energy costs, people are having trouble balancing staying cool in the heat and paying energy bills, resorting to finding ways to stay cool outside.

Spriestersbach said it’s difficult to balance staying cool and keeping prices low. “I think it’s one or the other, or you find things that you can do outside and go swimming, the kids can play in the sprinkler.”

The hot weather doesn’t stop after this week. Long-range weather models indicate the possibility of above average temperatures to end the month of June.