DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Miami Valley has seen plenty of rain over the past month and that has crops looking very healthy, but this much rain can present some problems as well.

With just over 2.5 inches in excessive rainfall at the Dayton International Airport as of July 24, the ground has been saturated for much of July, promoting large growth for crops around the Miami Valley.

Glenn Monnin, owner of Monnin Fruit Farm, said, “business has been good.”

“We have a good crop this year as far as the rain helping. You know, it really didn’t affect the strawberries too much because that was earlier in the season. Raspberries did real well, because you know you get a lot of moisture in the ground and deep root systems help with that.”

Usually, the increase in rain and less water used would allow farmers to keep costs low for consumers. However, inflation has led to an increase in prices for products needed to grow crops, leading farm owners to raise prices.

Monnin said, “Prices have gone up on stuff that we buy for in the store. They’ve gone up substantially. Fuel prices and spray material prices have gone through the roof so we are dealing with that also, but we’re trying to keep our prices down for everybody.”

Disruption in the fields occur when there is rain for several days leaving the ground wet, causing problems with insects and worms.

“Caring for the stuff like getting your sprays on in a timely matter or getting things picked in a timely matter, if it’s raining you can’t pick, and if it’s raining you can’t pick and so that makes a difference,” Monnin said.

Monnin also said that with all the rain that occurred in the spring, crops could not be planted all at once, leaving gaps between picking times.