DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The summer harvest is here, and people are already looking to plant their fall gardens.

As onion, cucumber, and pepper harvests become less fruitful as the summer comes to an end, people are getting ready to plant for annother time this year, but what can be planted that will survive the fall?

“You can grow lettuce and spinach, kale, other greens that are cold hardy because it is going to get cold,” said Michael Malone, Owner of Hungry Toad Farm said

Cold hardy vegetables are able to survive the cool temperatures as a result of natural processes that reduce the freezing point of the plant and make them sweeter when they are ready to eat.

“You move into the cool weather of October, November and these plants thrive on that. They love it, the cold weather makes these plants sweeter,” Malone said. “They sense the cold weather coming on and they create an antifreeze that’s made out of sugar which makes them sweeter.”

Some people have already planted their vegetables into a growing tray or into the garden. If you have not, there still is time, but it is running out.

“It’s time to act now, that’s for sure, ” said Rick Kossoudji, owner of North Dayton Garden Center & Nursery said. “You know this is the end of August so you got to be snappy on things to get things growing, and you want to make sure to have them separated up and put into the garden by the mid-September time so that you know everything would have time to grow.”

Kossoudji said they have already sold out of their fall vegetables pretty quickly, but said they still have some seeds remaining.