DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The National Weather Service (NWS) in Wilmington has announced plans to survey storm damage.

According to NWS in Wilmington, the weather organization is planning to survey areas affected by storms on Saturday, April 1. The NWS Wilmington office names an area near Wapakoneta in Auglaize County and an area near Troy in Miami County as areas damaged the group plans to survey.

By completing a survey of the damage, the weather professionals will be able to tell if a tornado did impact the area. Officials say they believe the damage found in the Troy area was caused by a tornado, but will not be certain until the survey is completed.

“Based on NWS Radar Data, the damage near Troy is believed to have been caused by a tornado, but official confirmation will be made after a storm survey is conducted,” NWS in Wilmington said.

The organization says their office will remain in contact with local emergency management agency officials from different counties. By keeping in touch, it will give the NWS officials a better idea if any other areas need to be surveyed.

If you would like the NWS to hear about weather related damage that you find, you are asked to call (937) 383-0031.