Overnight will be a pretty calm night with temperatures in the upper 20s. We will see pretty cloudy conditions through the night. Our high tomorrow will get up to the 40s. Much warmer than the weekend, but it will be windy with sustained winds of 10-20 mph and gusts up to 30 at times. Thursday will get up to 50. A great day to get outside, because it will be the last guaranteed dry day of the week. We have rain incoming late Thursday and into the weekend, and could be a soaker to end the year with models estimating up to 2 inches by Sunday. We could see the 60s on Tuesday.

Tonight: A low of 27 degrees. Mostly cloudy skies and some patchy fog.
Tomorrow: A high of 44 degrees. Gusty winds and decreasing clouds.
Tomorrow Night: A low of 37. Breezy with mostly clear skies.