Temperatures today will be warmer than yesterday, getting to the mid to upper 60s. Clouds begin to take hold throughout the daytime.

It will be dry through the early afternoon, but around 4 and 5 pm we will see chances of showers throughout the Miami Valley. Overnight shower chances continue. Temperatures will drop to the mid-50s.

Tomorrow we will see showers to start the day off, and by the afternoon thunderstorms are possible. Some of those thunderstorms will contain heavy rainfall that could easily push rain totals above an inch to one and a half inches. Rain chances will continue into the morning on Saturday.

For Mother’s Day, it will be dry, 70 and partly cloudy.

Today: A high of 67 degrees. Cloudy with showers possible late in the afternoon. Winds E at 0 to 5 mph.

Tonight: A low of 56 degrees. Cloudy with scattered showers possible. ESE winds at 5 to 10 mph.

Tomorrow: A high of 70 degrees. Mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. Winds variable at 0 to 10 mph.