It’s all about the “Omega Block!” What’s that, you say? It’s a blocking weather pattern when a large, persistent area area of high pressure sets up between two areas of low pressure. The high blocks the normal west-to-east progression of weather systems across the U.S. When viewed from above the upper-level wind flow looks like the Greek alphabet letter omega “Ω.”

The Miami Valley will be under the “good” area of the Omega Block–that is, under the ridge of high pressure. That means we’ll see a prolonged period–several days–of dry and unseasonably warm weather. while both the west and east coasts will see predominantly rain. Highs Monday will top out in the mid 70s while Tuesday through at least Saturday will bring daily highs in the 80s!

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy and quite so cool. Low 49

MONDAY: Sunny and warmer. High 76

MONDAY NIGHT: Clear and comfortably cool. Low 54

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and pleasant. Unseasonably warm. High 82

Continued mostly sunny, dry and very warm through the end of the week into at least the first part of the weekend. Our next chance of rain will come Saturday with only a slight chance of a shower (30%) during the afternoon and evening. We stand a better chance of showers and thunderstorms (60%) on Sunday into Sunday night.