Shower chances will arrive later in the night as a low pressure system begins to move through. It will be a muggy night, temperatures getting down to 70 degrees. Temps tomorrow will be cooler than normal as rain is expected through the entire day with cloudy skies. The biggest threat tomorrow will not be severe storms, but the potential for localized flooding as some areas could see 2 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. We also have heat on the way through the midweek into the weekend. Temperatures will be near 90 or above. Humid conditions persist through the next 7 days.

Tonight: A low of 70 degrees. Showers developing late with mostly cloudy skies.

Tomorrow: A high of 80 degrees. Showers and Thunderstorms persist through the day.

Tomorrow Night: A low of 68 degrees. Showers with cloudy skies.