Despite the hot, dry and windy conditions the light will still shine during spirit week at Dayton Christian School.

The junior high and high school principal, Gabe Pethtel, said the bonfire homecoming tradition dates back almost 50 years.

“Rain or shine, heat or fall type weather, we feel like this is a neat opportunity just to bring people together,” Pethtel said. “Whether it’s around the bonfire or around, in this case, our special night which will be bringing the light. We hope to bring unity and community to the entire area here through this prayer and through this event.

The permit was denied because a fire can quickly spread in these conditions. On top of that, the fire marshall told them the smoke would not rise as quickly and could cause problems for the neighborhoods around the field.

The wooden pallets are still set up, but they will not burn this evening after the soccer games.

“We have hundreds and hundreds of these little electronic votives that we are going to use to create the initial light,” Pethtel said.

Students are encouraged to bring flashlights and wear glow sticks tonight.