As we continue through the last couple months of hurricane season, the tropics have been quiet. There hasn’t been much activity at all since Tropical Storm Victor dissipated back on October 4th.

Currently, there are two areas the National Hurricane Center is monitoring: one in the Atlantic and one in the Caribbean Sea.

However, both of these tropical waves are disorganized, and do not have favorable chances to develop into a named storm in the next five days.

Speaking of the next potential storm, we are down to one name left on the 2021 Atlantic Name List:

If we do see a disturbance strengthen into a Tropical Storm, it would be named Wanda.

Historically, once this name list was exhausted, we moved on to the Greek Alphabet for storm names. This happened just last year–and it wasn’t easy! There were challenges in communicating the storms’ names, because there were a lot of similar-sounding names: Beta, Eta, Theta, etc. Because of the difficulty, the World Meteorological Organization decided on a new system.

This year, the backup list of storm names contains… actual names! Any storm that forms after Wanda will be named from this secondary list:

Adria, Braylen, Caridad, Deshawn, Emery, Foster, Gemma, Heath, Isla, Jacobus, Kenzie, Lucio, Makayla, Nolan, Orlanda, Pax, Ronin, Sophie, Tayshaun, Viviana, and Will.

There is still plenty of time to have more named storms, as hurricane season continues through November 30th.