WASHINGTON (WDTN) – President Trump’s newly-released budget appears to be dead on arrival on Capitol Hill.

The White House is asking for 8 billion dollars to build a border wall, and democrats are promising to block the effort.

President Trump’s 4.7 trillion-dollar budget calls for cuts to domestic programs like Medicare and Medicaid with sharp increases in defense spending.

Russ Vought is the White House’s acting budget director. He says the proposal also includes an extra 8 billion dollars for a border wall and nearly 4 billion dollars to pay back money snatched from military construction projects as part of the President’s national emergency.

“We’re taking steps with the national emergency to find pots of money to be used towards the wall, we also think it’s necessary to backfill some of those accounts,” he says.

Congressional democrats say much of the budget, including the wall request, will simply fail in Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggests the President revisit recent history.

“Congress refused to fund his wall and he was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government. The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again,” she says.

But the White House says border security is just a small fraction of the budget, which aims to cut funding from domestic programs, including welfare.

“This budget expands on the concept of work requirements, applies them to food stamps, to housing, to Medicaid,”

Congress will begin hearings on the President’s budget requests this week.