WASHINGTON (WDTN) – The government says e-cigarette use is skyrocketing, especially among teenagers.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb calls that a big problem.

Currently, stores are not allowed to sell e-cigs to anyone under 18.

Now, the FDA wants to go further by eliminating kid-friendly flavors like bubble gum and requiring stores not allow anyone under 18 in the door.

“What we’re trying to do is take steps to limit the access and appeal that these products have to kids,” says Gottlieb.

The FDA says it’s allowing the public to comment first before imposing the new rules.

And in a twist, the American Lung Association is criticizing the FDA, claiming the proposals will do little to curb e-cigarette use.

In a statement, the Association writes:

“FDA continues to take half measures that will not protect our nation’s children from the predatory marketing practices of the tobacco industry.”

Gottlieb says the FDA knows it has more work to do.

“This is going to be hard to reverse, we’re not going to change these trends overnight,” he says.

The FDA is expected to finalize its regulations within weeks.