WASHINGTON (WDTN) – A republican Congressman from New York wants to limit the President’s powers to declare a national emergency.

The new bill would prevent President Trump and future leaders from using emergency powers to go around Congress.

Congressman John Joyce of Pennsylvania strongly supports the President and his authority to declare a national emergency.

“The president is well within his rights to do that to protect the borders of our country,” he says. “The president realizes that the influx of drugs through our southern border, the influx of illegal immigrants through our southern border is a national crisis.”

New York Congressman Tom Reed supported the president declaring the emergency, but is uncomfortable with the power.

He introduced a bill requiring Congress to approve any future national emergencies the President declares.

“What we would be forcing going forward is holding congress accountable making sure Congress has to vote on each and every emergency declaration that is issued by the president,” he said.

Even though he voted in favor of allowing Trump to declare an emergency to get money for a border wall, he believes it shouldn’t happen again.

“It could be dangerous and it’s not the way to deal with national emergencies,” Reed said.

He worries it sets the wrong tone for future presidents, and Congress must limit those powers now.