DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – In a lot of ways, three-year-old Tion is like so many other kids his age. His aunt Erica says, “He loves Sesame Street. Loves Sesame Street and Elmo.” 

But some of the challenges he faces are uniquely his. 

When his Aunt Erica first brought him to URS, he had endured multiple gastric surgeries and struggled to even hold his head up. But now, after two years of extensive therapy, she says, “He has progressed very well here.” 

Every step forward is a celebration. Erica says she’s seen the progress as Tion can sit on his own, crawl, and pull himself up. “And there was even a day that he stood by himself for a little period of time, which was a great. A milestone for him.” 

In addition to physical therapy, Tion also receives feeding therapy at URS. Because he uses a feeding tube, Erica knows he’s getting the best care possible with nurses trained to handle Tion’s specific needs. “He’s very complex medically. But he’s just a regular kid though, you know. But just his medical condition is complex.” 

As Tion grows, his aunt is hopeful he’ll become even more independent. She says, “He’s getting to be a big boy. I just want for him to definitely walk and to talk, so that is what I see that’s coming up. And he’s reaching those milestones.” 

Erica says she leans on her husband for support. She has two other children of her own and she admits caring for Tion is a challenge. Making his care at URS a vital tool for their family. She says, “But with the help of this place I know I can bring him here he’s going to be safe here. He’s going to learn here. They’re going to take care of him. I trust them here.”