DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The United Rehabilitation Services Telethon is Sunday on WDTN, and we are introducing you to URS Adult Ambassador Josh Tye.

Spend a few minutes with Josh Tye and his mom Jodi Phares and it’s obvious their relationship is special.

“You have really really grown in your skills with the laundry and your vocational training haven’t you?” Phares said. “Yes, dear… and his confidence, he’s very charming… as everyone can see. Yes, dear.”

Josh was born with cerebral palsy and a developmental delay, coming into the world six weeks early, and 30 minutes ahead of his twin brother, Matthew.

“URS to us, especially during the pandemic, has been a safe haven for him,” said Phares. Josh receives physical therapy at United Rehabilitation Services using a walker and a cane. But maybe, most famously, he’s known for riding his bike around campus. The bike has helped Josh build strength, and soon, he will have one of his own at home. “Helmet’s going to be so I can keep my head.. safety first,” Josh laughed.

Jodi says she has also noticed a major difference in his social skills and overall confidence through the vocational training program.

“I’m very proud of his initiative more at home. He likes to help out with all kinds of things — dishwasher, laundry. But it’s just been an all-encompassing difference in how he holds himself and how he goes through the world,” Phares said.

When asked what he wants for the future, Josh said, “I’d like to have a bunch of money and go on vacation.” When mom points out getting a job would help him reach that goal, Josh said, “I’m perfect just living at home, doing everything at home, even taking care of you.”

In the meantime, Josh will enjoy the activities, trips, and volunteering as Jodi raises awareness about how important URS is for her son.                          

“You want everything better for me for some reason, you are absolutely right. I want everything better for you,” said Phares.

The URS Telethon airs Sunday, Dec. 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on WDTN.