DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A major upcoming construction project is set to begin in less than a year and two others will start in 2025. District 7 of ODOT wants to hear from you on your thoughts for the projects, but time is quickly dwindling to share your opinions.

I-75 at SR 725 – Miamisburg

The intersection of State Route 725 at I-75 in southern Montgomery County is scheduled to undergo a major reconstruction process beginning in March 2024.

There are currently multiple traffic lights at the intersection and the area is considered a ‘traditional diamond interchange.’

ODOT is planning to change the area to a diverging diamond interchange. Traffic signals between the intersection at SR 725 at Byers Road to SR 725 at Mall Woods Drive and Prestige Plaza Drive are scheduled to be upgraded during the project. A sidewalk installation project is also expected to take place, which would create a sidewalk for pedestrians starting at SR 741 to Byers Road.

Planned Diverging Diamond Project (ODOT District 7)

During the construction project, ODOT had planned for pedestrian access to remain but has recently determined that pedestrians would not have a safe pathway for walking during the project, while vehicular traffic would be maintained.

“It will be necessary to prohibit pedestrian travel through the interchange during construction,” ODOT says. “As a pedestrian-friendly route is not available; signed pedestrian detours will not be provided.”

The construction project is expected to wrap up in 2025. If you would like to provide feedback to ODOT about the updated pedestrian access for the project, click here. You have until Tuesday, May 2 to submit your comments.

Urbana Projects

The city of Urbana has two planned projects that could impact your commute beginning in 2025.

The Court Street bridge in Urbana is considered deteriorated. Officials are wanting to replace the bridge, which ODOT says carries a storm sewer system beneath West Court Street. The bridge is just east of North Russell St.

The city and ODOT are also working together for a planned upgrade to the Simon Kenton Trail crossing at Miami St. (US 36) and Main St. (US 68) in Urbana. This project is expected to change the approach of the crosswalk and issue new signs and markings on the pavement.

ODOT says minor upgrades to the sidewalk will be expected.

Both projects in Urbana are anticipated to begin in the spring of 2025. You have until Wednesday, May 31 to provide feedback to ODOT. To leave a comment, click here for the West Court St. bridge project or click here for the Simon Kenton Trail project.