Harrison Township sets final date for debris removal

A Year of Recovery

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – Harrison Township has set the date of July 19, 2019 as the last day for residents to leave vegetative/tree debris or mixed debris left from the Memorial Day tornadoes by the curbside for pickup.

The Harrison Township Services Director, Merle Cyphers, said they will continue to cleanup storm debris and make the roads safer after July 19th in different capacities.

Cyphers said street crews are no longer working overtime but are still almost solely dedicated to storm cleanup.

“There are a lot of nails and other debris that had to be picked up with a street sweeper, so we actually have a street sweeper out now that’s just on storm damaged roads,” said Cyphers.

Friday, July 19, is the last day Harrison Township residents can put approved debris piles by the curb to be picked up.

Cyphers said it might take a few days for crews to get to your neighborhood, but once they do, it will be marked off as complete.

“That allows us to assess each road in the township, say ‘we were here at this date at this time, we have that on our record,” said Cyphers. “We’re doing that number one for FEMA, number two, for residents’ information for when they are curious if their house has been processed.”

Cyphers said they have already collected over 600,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris and an estimated 6,222 tons of mixed debris, but that their efforts are far from over.

“The department will still be physically working on this through mid-September,” said Cyphers. “There will be other impacts that haven’t popped up yet that we’re not aware of because we haven’t gotten to that point, but we’ll probably deal with the effects for the next year.”

Cyphers added construction debris is not being collected and organic debris must continue to be separated from construction debris to avoid the organic material from not being collected.

Items that will be picked up by Harrison Township street crews include:
• Vegetation Debris ( example: tree limbs, brush, logs, and detached root balls)
• Light construction materials that were removed from the structure by the tornado (example: pieces for siding that came off of a house during the tornado, shingles that where torn from the roof and deposited in the yard)
• Fence panels that where knocked down by fallen trees or wind
• Mixed debris piles ( example: Brush piles that have non-vegetation material tangled in them, such as wiring from utility poles)
Items that will not be picked up 
• Household items that were removed from the inside of any structure
• Furniture (example: couches, chairs, mattresses, etc.)
• Chemicals of any kind (liquid or powder)
• Construction materials that where removed from a structure by any person be it the property owner, volunteers or a contractor.
• Carpet
• Tires
• Any other items which have been deemed by a supervisor to not be initial impact debris. If you have a question about debris and would like a supervisor to look at the material and determine if it will be removed please call the services department and we will do our best to assist you in determining if it meets criteria for pick via phone conversation or visual inspection.

If you have tree and brush debris that hasn’t been picked up for some period of time, contact the township at 937-274-6871.

For those who wish to drop-off their own organic material and for everyone after July 19, 2019, residents can drop-off their tree and brush debris at the Montgomery County Solid Waste Facility, 101 Encrete Lane in Moraine.

Operating hours are Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and closed Sundays.

You can contact the facility at 937-225-4999 or you can visit: www.mcswd.org.

Cyphers encourages residents to check with their insurance company regarding construction debris removal as many policies have some level of coverage.

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