DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Nearly one month after the Memorial Day tornado outbreak, Dayton property owners are getting financial relief from the city.

Wednesday, the Dayton City Commission approved a resolution to waive or reimburse building, zoning and demolition fees for homes and businesses damaged during the May 27th, 2019 storms.

“The city just is very concerned about being helpful where ever we can. And this is one tool that we have that we can bring forward to provide just a little bit of relief, in terms of the cost of rebuilding,” said Keith Klein, the city’s senior development specialist.

Earlier in the week, several property owners told 2 NEWS they were struggling to afford demolition costs enforced by the city, which cost $5 per 100 square feet at a $50 minimum.

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The Department of Economic Development is now creating a Tornado Relief Program (TRP) to waive permit fees and reimburse owners who already paid for demolition, building or zoning on a damaged property.

“I really applaud city staff and the organization in general for doing what is really a common sense step to help folks who are in such desperate need of help,” said City Commissioner Chris Shaw.

To qualify, the business or home must be an existing structure listed on the Dayton tornado damaged property inventory list and located in a neighborhood affected by the severe weather. Delinquent fees or citations could make a property ineligible.

In response to criticism from earlier in the week, the city said it took nearly a month to establish the TRP because of the steps necessary to coordinate all involved parties.

“We’ve got a number of people that touch the process from one end to the other,” said Klein. “So it just takes a little bit of time to put that kind of response together.”

Property owners can apply for reimbursement or waived fees until December, while completing all of the planning and permitting regulatory steps in-person or online here. The city is also planning to share program information during outreach events.

Read more details about the TRP here. Call 937-333-3986 for questions.