DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Action Sports Complex in Dayton is demolishing their indoor facility almost four months after the Memorial Day tornado outbreak damaged the building.

When a tornado strikes and you fall victim, the laundry list of “to-do’s” seems never ending.

“I’ve always told people that If I have to go through this again, I’m an expert!” said Kyle Coby, the COO and General Manager of the Action Sports Center.

As Coby has waited for insurance and everything else to come together, he says his mindset has changed.

“When you come out here and see the devastation. It’s kind of like…what do you do? We are really seeing this as a new beginning to this place. We are hoping to rebuild,” said Coby.

Insurance will cover most of the rebuild. Action Sports does plan on making a larger indoor sports facility. The specifics behind the rebuild are in the works, but Coby did hint at future changes to the entire complex.

“We definitely have plans to make our baseball complex, our baseball fields, a lot better than what they were. Synthetic turf infields, the fencing is basically brand-new because we had to replace it,” said Coby.

The tornado outbreak shutdown the facility for 2019 and beyond. Which Coby admits, is costly.

However, following the lines of DAYTON STRONG, Coby isn’t backing down. The business knows the community needs a place to go for sporting activities.

“You hear it all the time. Especially around here right here now with what happened. People want to be bigger, better and stronger than ever. Really that’s where we are going,” said Coby.