DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — An infant baby seal has been released after being rescued around 2 months ago.

A gray baby seal named Northlands is only 4 months old and was found malnourished and dehydrated in Bermuda two months ago. The seal pup was only 25 pounds when he was discovered.

Gray seals are normally found off of the coast of Canada and northeastern portion of the US, meaning the seal was a long way from home.

Since the finding of Northlands, he has been fed and cared for. Northlands has increased his weight to 83 pounds since he was originally found and being taken care of!

Released safely in the waters of Rhode Island, Northlands was a little hesitant to go further into the water. After a short time, the pup continued into the water further and further.

To track the seal, a satellite tag was attached for the professional team which cared for Northlands can see the movements and ensure he is doing okay.