DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Green grass covers yards across the Miami Valley. Lawnmowers are heard over leaf blowers as the changing fall foliage is just beginning to show off a range of fall colors on Nov. 1.

The biggest factor delaying the fall color this year was above normal warmth according to fall color forester, David Parrott with ODNR.

“The tree will have an idea that winter is coming but essentially they’re greedy and if they can continue to eat and photosynthesize, they’ll continue to do that and that’s why they’ll hang on to those green leaves longer than they should,” Parrott said.

Rain, sunshine, and warm weather allow the tree to continue to photosynthesize. Dayton recorded 4.55 inches of rain during Oct making this this 13th wettest on record.

Rainfall was 1.6 inches above normal. The average temperature was 5.7 degrees above normal.

Parrott said sunny days and cool nights are ideal for the best fall foliage. The nights were not very cool this year. In fact the average low for the month of Oct. was 53.1 degrees. Oct. 2021 holds the spot for seconds warmest avg low behind 1971 when the average low was 53.8.

The average high of 70.4 ranked 12th among Octobers dating back to 1893.

Overall the average of the high and low everyday came out to 61.7 degrees which ranks as the 5th warmest October on record in Dayton.

Freezing temperatures return to the Miami Valley this week. Lows will fall below 32 degrees Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.

This drop-in temperatures comes along with an upper-level low parked just to our north in Canada.

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