MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team investigated what’s happening on one of the area’s busiest highways one year after police there started sending out tickets from speed cameras.

Mayfield Village police say they’re seeing a drop in some extreme speeding, but they still have a big problem with dangerous drivers on I-271.

The police chief says that stretch of highway can be used by 5,000 drivers an hour.

Chief Paul Matias tells us that police have proof they’ve been slowing down traffic there by clocking drivers with speed cameras and sending out tickets.

The chief says, in the first year of using speed cameras, the number of cars and trucks going above 85 miles an hour has dropped by nearly a quarter, 22%.

Last year, Mayfield Village police started clocking speeders with speed cameras during rush hours.

Just from rush hours, police sent out nearly 12.000 camera tickets.

But, the overall number of camera tickets issued each month has gone down.

“We had hoped it would have a significant impact on reducing speeds,” Chief Matias said. “We’re happy with 22% reduction. It shows the program is working, but again, there’s still some work to do.”

In fact, the chief shared body camera video from patrol officers stopping speeders going 101 in a 60 mile per hour zone, and in one case, 127 miles per hour.

Police say they’ve tracked traffic trends there with the help of an Ohio Department of Transportation sensor over 271. That sensor captures the number of drivers passing through and the speeds.

So what now? We wondered if drivers will see police with the speed cameras on 271 more often this year.

Mayfield Village police say no. They plan to keep using the cameras only at rush hour.

Also, they’ve only been sending tickets to drivers going at least 16 miles over the speed limit, and there are no plans to change that either.

“We still have work to do before we can say this has been a complete success,” the chief said.

Drivers we met told us that 271 can seem like a race track.

“People going too fast. Always,” one man said.

“I notice a lot of crazy drivers,” a woman said.

You should know, we have not seen this kind of analysis from other towns notorious for using speed cameras. For example, no impact study like this from Newburgh Heights or Linndale.