A mock election was the route one Centerville Mom chose to teach her children a real-life history lesson.

Lindsay Stowers, who is homeschooling her children due to the pandemic, decided the best way to get her kids involved in the presidential election was to hold her own mock election, just for kids. She didn’t stop there, creating a Facebook page and inviting kids from her community to allow their voice to be heard.

Lindsay, her husband Ross and their children created signs and ballot boxes, complete with hand sanitizer and voting stickers for each station. Hundreds of children came by to cast their ballot and receive their sticker, something Lindsay’s family was proud to do for the community. 

Topics on the ballot included everything from the best food to the best holidays, and of course their pick for the next president.

Pizza beat tacos in the race to the best food, Christmas squashed Halloween as the favorite holiday, and the popular vote put President Trump ahead by just 21 votes. Lindsay plans to calculate the electoral vote by using the voter’s schools. That information will be updated on the event’s Facebook page here.