DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Heather Jones, the polling location supervisor at St. Albert The Great Church on Far Hills Avenue in Kettering, was removed by police Tuesday for allegedly not fixing polling tablet and other issues, according to the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Board of Elections Director Jan Kelly said the incident started when one of the polling pads at the location was put in the wrong mode for training, which showed a ballot for a different county.

Kelly said this had happened at several locations today, but polling location supervisors fixed the problem by putting the pad in the appropriate mode. She said Jones refused to fix the pad.

“That was one of the incidents with Heather Jones,” Kelly said. “She didn’t want to rectify that. There were also other problems.”

Kelly said Jones had previously said things at the polling location that were inappropriate and could potentially put the integrity of the election at risk. Jones also had these issues during the last election.

“When that occur(ed) we assessed the situation and removed her. We are afraid when we have people who aren’t following directions that they won’t be able to close the polls right. We had Voting location managers, both republican and democrat, who had been monitoring the situation”

Kelly said having the police remove Jones was standard operating procedure. She said in the past there have been incidents where polling location supervisors were asked to leave, then later returned with a weapon. left a message for Heather Jones asking for comment. As of publication she had not called back.