DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A group is saying it’s time to end the unconstitutional maps, as the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled several times that Ohio’s district maps are unconstitutional.

Ohio state politicians, on a seven-person commission, are drawing districts for both Ohio Statehouse and Congressional races. The setup of the redistricting commission will always have at least two Democrats and two Republicans. Three other seats are filled by statewide officeholders, which gives Republicans the upper-hand; five of seven seats are Republican-controlled. 

Citizens Not Politicians is a group with a goal to ultimately change it.

The group’s proposal would replace the current commission with a new, citizen-led commission made up of 15 people. Any current or former politicians, party officials, lobbyists and large political donors would be prohibited from joining it.

Likely beginning in September, the current commission is gearing up to draw both Congressional and Statehouse maps. The past few maps have been deemed unconstitutional by a high court.

“Cleary these folks are drunk on power and what do you do with drunks,” said Catherine Turcer, Common Cause Ohio. “You take away their keys. And I think it’s really important to realize that we have vote don’t unconstitutional gerrymandered maps and voters deserve better.”

A spokesperson for Gov. Mike DeWine sits on the redistricting commission and says the governor has an open mind and would consider a different type of group.  

“The governor is open to the idea of a nonpartisan commission, but there are other parts of the amendment they are still reviewing.” 

Republican Spokespeople in both the Ohio House and Senate say their caucuses are against the proposal. They call it seemingly unworkable. 

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has just a few days remaining to approve or deny the language of the proposal.