COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) – Tonight, we take one last look back at 2019 and what lawmakers accomplished at the Statehouse, focusing on work in the Ohio Senate.​

The Senate tackled several priorities meant to strengthen our economy and protect our communities, resources and waterways. It also found itself dealing with the controversial Heartbeat abortion bill far earlier than it normally had in the past.​

According to Senate President Larry Obhof, the Ohio Senate was a busy place in 2019.​

“I think we did an awful lot of good work, and a lot of good bi-partisan work,” he said.​

The Senate did pass its version of the state operating budget unanimously, which is a rarity, but not everything coming out of the chamber this year was so agreed upon.​

The vote to override Governor Kasich’s veto of the Heartbeat abortion bill failed at the end of 2018. A few months later the GOP-controlled Senate passed the Heartbeat bill for the third time roughly along party lines, and shortly after that, Governor DeWine signed it.

It would not be the only controversial bill the Senate started working on in 2019.​

“I’m a co-sponsor of the Duty to Retreat bill; I believe strongly in the right to self-defense, and I think that most of my colleagues feel the same and I would expect movement on that in the relatively near future,” Obhof said.​

As for other gun reform proposals, Obhof says they will be considered.​

“Particularly the governor’s proposal. It’s had a number of hearings in the Senate, we’re giving it full and fair consideration and I would expect hearings on that when we return in January.”​

Speaking of January, Obhof has several other things he wants the Senate to work on in 2020.​

“Breaking down the barriers to economic growth, changing some of our licensing rules so that people who live out of state who want to move to Ohio can do so and can get to work right away.”​

One of the first things we may see moving out of the Senate early next year is criminal justice sentencing reform for low-level drug offenses.