DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Wright State men’s basketball team returned to Dayton on Saturday, and despite the team’s loss against the Arizona Wildcats, fans still showed up to welcome them home.

Wright State University students told 2 NEWS the team’s journey through the NCAA tournament brought the entire campus together, which is why they wanted one last show of support after a great season.

“We’re supporting the team, we’re congratulating the team on what they’ve accomplished this year,” Wright State junior Dawson Draper said.

Draper said coming from a small school, the Raiders did big things, making it through two games in the NCAA tournament.

“It was nice getting that first win,” Draper said. “Not only that, we did it in the City of Dayton, so we represented ourselves well, the whole city represented us well, and it was awesome seeing Raider Nation out there with the whole City of Dayton supporting us.”

Students said the excitement and pride for the Raiders throughout their journey was felt throughout campus.

“It was so cool to experience that because it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Wright State freshman Emma Ginter said.

These fans are already looking for next season, hopeful the Raiders return to the tournament once again.

“We want a repeat, we want to go back, not only go back but have a better seeding and a better opportunity, get another march madness win,” Draper said.

As the team got off the bus, the players and coaches thanked the fans there for all the support they’ve received this season.