DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — People from across the Miami Valley will be flocking to restaurants, bars, houses of family and friends and other locations to watch the game on Sunday. For some watching the game, the event includes the activity of drinking alcohol.

Although some may be watching The Big Game and celebrating this weekend, law enforcement agencies are warning against anyone getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

The Montgomery County O.V.I Task Force Coordinator, Michelle Moser, says to not get behind the wheel if you are planning on drinking. If you already know you are going to drink, you are asked to think ahead and plan accordingly to protect yourself and others on the road.

“You can call an Uber, a Lyft or another friend, or you’re mom,” Moser said.

Aside from yourself, if you are not drinking, you should be vigilant of the others you may be traveling with for the game or those you care about that seem to have had one too many drinks. You may have to take on the authoritative role of taking someone’s keys away from your friend or family member that may be too impaired to drive.

“I think friends should also watch their other friends too and take their keys,” Moser says. “You might have a fight in your hands, but take their keys if you feel they’re too impaired to drive.”

In any case when drinking, thinking ahead to protect yourself and others is what is most important. By choosing a sober designated driver ahead of getting behind the wheel, so you and your group can celebrate responsibly.

“Of the related crashes, that’s the goal of the task force — keeping impaired drivers off the road,” Moser said.

AAA said in a release that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety discovered that from 2020 to 2021, unsafe driving behaviors, which includes impaired driving, occurred.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP), around 10,000 alcohol-related crashes happened in the state of Ohio during 2022. Three of those crashes were fatal.