Tom Dwan took home the largest pot in televised poker history on Tuesday after collecting $3.1 million during Hustler Casino Live’s Million Dollar Game.

Dwan squared off in his final hand against Wesley “Wes Side” Fei for a chance at the record pot. Dwan’s pocket queens (spade and club) ultimately won him the sizable hand.

The final hand came with plenty of drama. Fellow player Doug Polk folded but declared he saw Fei’s hand of ace of diamonds and king of hearts. Fei decided to go all in with ace-king high, and Dwan was puzzled.

“For sure?” he asked.

Aloud, Dwan talked to himself.

“What the f---? Doug saw his hand … this is a weird f------ hand. Doug saw his hand, tried to talk him out of three-betting. He three-bet anyway,” Dwan said.

Ultimately, Dwan matched the bet, won the hand and knocked Fei out of the tournament.