Tyreek Hill made it clear that he has big plans for Micah Parsons when the Dolphins and Cowboys clash on Christmas Eve.

In a recent episode of his It Needed To Be Said podcast, the All-Pro wide receiver shared that he plans to deliver a “present” for Parsons.

“I know you [Parsons] seen my little clip where I was blocking the D-end, I’m big like that, I’m off the edge like that, so you better watch your back,” Hill said. “You better watch your back because I’m going to blindside you.”

Hill’s recent comment comes after the seven-time Pro Bowler slightly deviated from his “Cheetah” nickname and declared himself a “lion” following the Dolphins’ Week 1 victory against the Chargers. However, Parsons felt that Hill should never consider himself as the king of the jungle.

“Just stick to the cheetah,” Parsons said on his The Edge with Micah Parsons podcast. “You don’t want nothing to do with this lion work. Please stay away from the lion. At least you did say you’re a baby lion. To me, you’ll be a cub, brother.”

Despite the Cowboys’ All-Pro pass rusher. questioning Hill’s strength, the seven-time Pro Bowler posted a clip of a block he registered against Patriots linebacker Josh Uche on X (formerly known as Twitter) after Miami’s win on Sunday against New England. In the tweet, Hill stated those were his plans for Parsons and that he was “too much” on the edge.

Parsons appears unfazed by Hill’s comments, tweeting that he plans to make his daughter a “Cheetah blanket for Christmas.”

The back-and-forth banter between the two stars should make for a wild matchup when the teams battle in December at Hard Rock Stadium.