SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WDTN) — Springfield is ranked fourth in the state in Division I and for good reason, the Wildcats came into tonight 5-0 with an offense that averages 30 points a game and a defense that was coming off back to back shutouts.

Down at CareFlight Field in Springboro, the 3-2 Panthers hosting unbeaten Springfield.

On the opening drive — Springboro on the attack — the pass is intercepted by Springfield’s Delian Bradley and the Wildcats are in business as they’re setup with a first-and-goal situation.

Delian Bradley finishing what he started, the senior running it into the end zone and the Cats taking the early 7-0 lead.

Looking for more on their next possession but this time it’s Springboro’s defensive back Devin Perry making the big tackle and Springfield is forced to punt.

Later in the first half the Wildcats back on the attack, Te’Sean Smoot finds Shawn Thigpen who slips a tackle and the junior bringing it right into your living room. He’s stopped just shy of the end zone by the Panthers’ linebacker Tony Lorio.

Not an issue for Springfield, Smoot hands-off to Jayvin Norman who avoids a defender and keeps on truckin’ until he scores the touchdown.

The Wildcats producing another shutout as Springfield defeats Springboro 26-0.