TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – Up at Troy Memorial Stadium, the Trojans played host to Tippecanoe.

Opening drive of the third quarter, the Trojans’ Braden Syler connects with Shane Shoop for a play that picks up nice yards.

Now it’s Jaden Culp-Bishop’s turn… off the play-fake the senior running back goes straight up the middle and he’ll take it to the house for the 60-yard score. Troy in front 28-14.

Tipp trying to answer, Troy Taylor hits Mason Gostomsky and the senior tight end rumples down the sidelines for a first-down but the drive would stall.

No slowing the Trojans down. On the counter Jaden Culp-Bishop cuts back, breaks tackles, runs over the final defender and steps into the endzone for the 45-yard touchdown.

Troy rolls past Tippencanoe 49-to-14.