WAYNESVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – A showdown in the Southwestern Buckeye League between division leaders Eaton and Waynesville, both entering tonight 4-0.

On the Eagles first possession, backed up in their own end, Brook Ebright fires to Leslie Orr who picks up the first down and gives them a little breathing room. Later on that same drive, facing a 4th and 13, Ebright scrambles and finds Josh Marin in the end zone for touchdown — 7-0 Eaton on top.

It’s Waynesville with the ball, backed up but the Spartan pass is tipped and intercepted by Devon raider and he takes it to the house for a pick six! 14-0 Eaton Eagles still on top.

And Eaton wasn’t letting up, Ebright going to the air and deep down field to Orr, who makes the catch, bounces off the defender and stretches in for the touchdown.

The Eagles soaring past the Spartans 35-7.o