TIPP CITY, Ohio (WDTN) — A week before their showdown at Piqua and Tippecanoe has a tough matchup at home — against a surging Troy team that came in on a three game winning streak — where the Trojans outscored their opponents a combined 106 to 27.

The Red Devils hadn’t lost since opening night at Bellbrook.

Let’s head to Tipp City Park, the Red Devils looking for their sixth straight win.

On the other sideline, Troy head coach Dan Gress not at tonight’s game due to COVID protocols. Offensive coordinator Jason McGahran would lead the Trojans for Friday night’s game.

Early second quarter, Tippecanoe on the move, Liam Poronsky dumps it off to Jason Rindler and the senior picks up first down yardage. Same drive, Poronsky with another quick strike to Rindler for another first down.

The Red Devils then give it to Griffin Caldwell and the senior turns on the jets and scores the touchdown! The cheerleaders with a group cheer and Tippecanoe was up 7-0.

On the Red Devils next drive, Cade Everhart carries the ball through the hole, a stutter step and then a nice gain for a first down at the 30.

Matt Burgbacher team’s unable to punch it in, but that’s what kickers are for! Jackson Kleather boots it through the uprights to tack three more onto Tipp’s lead — 10-0 Red Devils out in front.

Troy’s offense finds a spark, quarterback Jon Reed airs it out deep down the sideline and Jack Klienhenz is there to haul it in for a big gainer. On the same drive, now facing a 4th and 9, the Trojans go for it, the pass goes dep into the end zone but it’s incomplete and Tippecanoe gets it back with about two-and-a-half minutes to go.

That’s plenty of time for Poronsky. Watch the junior quarterback roll left, keep the play alive and complete the pass to Zach Butera.

Now the give is to Everhart and he runs hard, picking up nice yardage before getting shoved out of bounds.

Time running out first half, it’s Poronsky once again keeping the play alive and finding Butera for the touchdown.

Tippecanoe up 17-0 going into the locker room at half time.

Opening drive of the third quarter and Poronsky with a strike to Jason Rindler.

Coach Burgbacher wants another touchdown and he’d get it. On the counter play it’s Everhart taking it to the house. Touchdown on the board!

The Red Devils for their sixth straight game knocking off Troy tonight, 31-16.