CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) — Kettering Health has received hundreds of clothing donations from Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jack Sorenson.

(Photo courtesy of Kettering Health)

The donations will go to women who undergo sexual assault forensic exams and have their clothing taken as evidence, according to a June 10 release.

“We hope the clothing can provide comfort and security to survivors as they return home and begin the process of healing,” Sorenson said. “We believe the clothing can serve as a symbol of both the community’s support for survivors and commitment toward future change.”

Sorenson donated bras, underwear, socks, sweatshirts and pants to Kettering Health through his nonprofit, The Passion Projects. Sorenson founded the nonprofit with his partner, Paige Coffman.

Coffman is finishing her degree specializing in social work and has plans to use her degree to create change in the Cincinnati area. Sorenson graduated from the University of Miami with a Marketing and Human Capital Management Degree, according to the nonprofit’s website.

“We are thrilled our partnership with the Cincinnati Bengals led Jack to make this donation to Kettering Health,” said John Weimer, Kettering Health Senior Vice President of Emergency and Trauma Services and Operations Command Center.

“This is another example of the partnership between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kettering Health having a positive impact on the community. Patients who experience sexual assault and undergo a SANE exam can have some of their dignity restored when they leave the hospital wearing these clothing items, as many clothing items are kept for evidence.”