CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Another Cleveland Browns player’s dad is taking to social media to criticize quarterback Baker Mayfield’s performance against the Baltimore Ravens.

Running back Kareem Hunt’s dad, Kareem Hunt Sr., wrote 2 posts late Sunday and early Monday after the game.

“…he’s limping he’s scared to throw the ball and they know he’s hurt,” Hunt Sr. wrote.

“…new quarterback new situation we could have won this game long time ago,” he said in a separate post.

Mayfield was 18 for 37, with 247 yards and one touchdown.

Kareem Hunt, who played his first game Sunday after suffering a calf injury in mid-October.

He had 7 carries for 20 yards.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s dad posted several videos last month where he highlighted the times he felt that Mayfield should have been throwing to his son.

Shortly after, Beckham Jr. and the Cleveland Browns parted ways.

“…people on my Facebook saying I’m being like obj Daddy and I’m not I’m stating facts on football and what we see,” Hunt Sr. wrote.

There has been no comment from the Cleveland Browns.