DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Dragons games have returned to Day Air Ballpark for the season and fans and businesses are looking forward to the first normal season in three years.

A chilly and rainy day didn’t cause the Dragons home opener to strike out.

“The weather is a little rainy, but it’s not too bad, so super excited to be here,” Dragons fan Trenton Spradley said.

The seats were loaded with fans from all over who wanted to be at the first home game of the season.

“Just being out with all the fans, stuff like that, it’s a good time,” Spradley said. “Just being out with everyone in the community.”

Some are long-time fans like Bob Kaminski, who’s been cheering on the Dragons for 23 years.

“I know I make at least 20 games each year,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski said he goes for more than just the game, it’s the experience that brings him back.

“You can relax, you can have a beer, you can have a sausage, you can watch a good game, or a bad game, whatever it might be, but it’s fun,” Kaminski said. “People around here are always so friendly. It’s a great place.”

The home opening game is a home run for Dayton businesses surrounding Day Air Ballpark.

Brixx Ice Co. General Manager Chris Bhai said his bar relies on the revenue Dragons bring in each season.

“When the games are going on, it’s a little more energy, a little more fun, a little more exciting, a little more patio-packing,” Bhai said.

For Local Cantina, it will be their second Dragons season since they opened in 2020. Assistant General Manager Jenni Hopkins said after last year, they’re prepared to welcome fans back again.

“We’re going to be busy, super busy. We’re looking forward to it, we’re ready for it, we’re happy,” Hopkins said.

The businesses said that the season starting without COVID-19 concerns is a relief, and they’re optimistic it will encourage even more customers to stop in before, during or after the games.