DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The University of Dayton has received two major gifts of around $1 million dollars towards the UD Sinclair Academy.

According to UD, the college will offer new scholarships and support to students in the UD Sinclair Academy due to two major gifts of around $1 million dollars.

One local couple who wished to remain anonymous gave $1.25 million and the Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation gave $1 million.

“The UD Sinclair Academy helps talented students who have limited incomes consider a UD degree as an option,” said President Eric F. Spina.

The $1 million given from the Bloomberg and Wilpon foundations will be used to create the UD Sinclair Academy Kessler Scholars program as a part of the Kessler Scholars Collaborative.

The Kessler Scholars program will be for first-generation college students said UD. They will receive financial aid, personalized mentoring, resume reviewing, stipends for expenses, graduate school entrance exam fees, funding for study abroad as well as other benefits.

The $1.25 million from the anonymous couple will support UD Sinclair Academy services and fund scholarships for Academy students with financial need.

“Evidence shows that when lower-income students attend high-graduation colleges like the University of Dayton, they are more likely to graduate, and their lifetime earnings potential and opportunities increase as well,” said Spina. “So this work and these gifts are incredibly important.”