DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Home runs aren’t the only thing happening on the field at Day Air Ballpark during Dayton Dragons games; this season’s on-field entertainment is fully loaded. 

The Green Team — officially formed in 2005 — is the on-field entertainment staff for the Dayton Dragons. It’s made up of more than two dozen people this year, putting on skits and contests in between innings.

“My favorite contest that we have is probably our toddler race. And we get little, brand-new toddlers out there on the field, racing from one parent to another. It’s always adorable. It’s always unexpected, and the fans just love it,” says Kaitlin Rohrer, Senior Director of Entertainment. 

Rohrer started on the Green Team and worked her way up. This is her 22nd season.

“It’s a wonderful experience to put on this show for everybody at every game and make these memories for the community,” says Rohrer. 

During the Dayton Dragons off-season they’re hard at work, rethinking and refreshing the entertainment lineup. 

“We have six fireworks shows. Team ZOOM is back, which is our Frisbee dog act. We have national acts like BirdZerk! and ZOOperstars! We will have a whole new segment called Dragons Presents where we will bring out local dance studios and singing groups and Dayton area performers to perform on our plaza before a home game,” describes Jamie Penwell, Entertainment Manager.

Penwell started with the Dragons on the Green Team in 2018. While she works in the office now, she still participates in the on-field entertainment as part of the Green Team. 

“When they meet the mascots, and it’s someone they’ve really looked up to and been wanting to meet, and they finally get to meet them, there’s that big hug and just so much joy and such big smiles from their faces. That is the absolute best,” says Penwell. 

Besides mascots Gem and Heater, there’s another new face joining the roster this year.

“Our new character that will be debuting is DJ Banana,” says Rohrer. 

With all bases covered, they’re ready for an action-packed season. 

“We will also do a Marvel night, same as last year, but this year our players will be wearing Marvel jerseys that have been specifically designed for us by Marvel artists, which will be really cool,” details Penwell.

The Green Team also puts on skits, which is always a fan favorite.  

“We have a lot of skits. We have over 200, and every skit has a very specific detailed contestant that we’re looking for,” states Penwell. 

Before the game starts, the Green Team is on the plaza interacting with people, scoping out contestants to be part of their skits. 

“We’re always looking for someone who’s like, yes put me on the field let me do anything,” says Penwell. 

Playing out in about 90 seconds, what the crowd doesn’t see is what goes into each skit. 

“It does take a lot of work behind the scenes that we just try to make look easy,” admits Penwell. “We have to have the right music, the right graphics. We have to have the right contestants. They have to be in the correct costumes with the right props. Everyone has to be on their correct marks, so that we have the best camera angles.” 

While the crowd is keeping their eyes on the entertainment, the staff is keeping an eye on everything from their control room at Day Air Ballpark. 

“We have all of the things that control everything you see out there–LEDs, video board. This is where all of our cameras are patched in. Any of the music you hear, sound effects, videos–it comes from here,” states Rohrer. “The Dragons have installed a brand-new LED lighting system, and we really think this is going to enhance the entertainment experience at the park with choreographed light shows throughout the game.”

While they’re in control, they keep the crowd on their toes, not knowing what they’ll see next. 

“We have a lot of people who come to a game and leave not knowing the score. They don’t even really know what happened, but they’ve had so much fun while they were there,” laughs Penwell.

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