DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The goal for the Dayton Dragons is making each and every game fun for all ages. Family entertainment is what sets the Dragons apart from major league baseball.

“It’s not just for that big baseball nut that knows every stat about every single player on your roster, it’s for anyone,” Dragons Vice President and Assistant General Manager Brandy Guinaugh said. “So I think that’s what’s kept the Dragons completely at the top of everyone’s list of what to do this summer, this spring.”

Ever since their start in the summer of 2000, the Dragons want to make each of their games an experience for both adults and kids.

“I can watch the baseball, they can be entertained by the mascots and the entertainment skits,” Dragons Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Brad Eaton said. “We can all have a fun time going to the concession stands and have some of those ballpark treats. But it really gives the ability for families to come together, and no matter what they’re most excited about for the night, everyone has a great night out.”

With multiple mascots, dugout dancers, the retirement village people, toddler races and more, the Dragons have over 180 entertainment skits that can go on between the innings.

Eaton said that’s what brings people back to the ballpark again and again.

“We try to keep people a little bit on the edge of their seats, like what are they going to come up with next, and that’s what adds to the fun of it,” Eaton said.

Along with keeping things new and exciting, they have plenty of returning fan favorites this season.

“Like Heater, Gem, Roof Man, and Wink,” Guinaugh said. “We have Princess Jade coming back this year, we do have firework nights for people to come out and enjoy, there’s six of those this year.”

Whether fans are there for the baseball or the entertainment in between, the Dragons want to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s going to be a great night at the ballpark,” Eaton said. “Everyone’s going to be entertained and probably for different reasons, and that’s really the beauty of what we’re doing and the reason why we’re always so focused on families by giving that wide range of things people can be entertained by.”

No matter the outcome of the game, Guinaugh said you’re going to leave with a lasting impression.

“We find people leave the game and say, ‘we don’t really remember what the score was, but we did have a great time at the ballpark, and looking forward to coming back again,” Guinaugh said.

family-friendly entertainment isn’t just reserved for inside the ballpark, Eaton said to get to the games early because the fun starts in the plaza outside before each of the games.

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