YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — You may have heard the name Braxton Miller. A former quarterback with The Ohio State University who has also spent time in the NFL, he’s now working to help young people become better versions of themselves.

Watch the full interview from Monday morning in the video above.

Miller is now part of the Braxton Miller Foundation, which aims to help young people become better athletes, leaders and community members through camp and mentoring programs. He’s been helping with the foundation for about two and a half years.

Locally, Miller hosted a fundraiser on Tuesday for that cause.

“One of my passions is giving back to the kids in the community,” Miller says. “I want to provide for the kids and do it on a bigger scale.”

Though Miller spends much of his time in the Dayton and Columbus areas, he wanted to come to the Valley to give kids here some support as well.

On Tuesday, Miller went to various McDonald’s restaurants to say “hi,” pass out food and sign some autographs for some young people. A portion of proceeds from the sales will go toward Miller’s foundation, and the money will stay with local kids, too.

“I want to provide a basketball tournament up here, and a camp for football and basketball as well,” Miller says.

The Braxton Miller Foundation also partners with STEM programs to offer robotic competitions to kids as well.