DALLAS, Texas (WLWT) – Burrow got sacked six times, as the Bengals fought hard to stay alive against the Dallas Cowboys in the second half, but a touchdown with a successful two-point conversion just wasn’t enough to get the Bengals their first win.

After tying it up 17-17, the Bengals looked like they were headed in the right direction, despite not getting a touchdown in the first half of the game.

After the game, Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said they were giving up too many sacks.

“I didn’t think Joe looked uncomfortable. We’re giving up way too many sacks, obviously,” Taylor said.

After today’s game, Burrow has been sacked 13 times so far this season, and it’s only week two.

“Week one, there were several sacks on me. Today, we will go back and watch the film and put the blame where it belongs, but week one there were a lot on me,” said Bengals QB Joe Burrow. He added, “Second half, I thought the protection was great.”

Although losing is hard, Taylor said that they’ll be looking ahead and focusing on their next matchup against the New York Jets.

“I think we’re gonna be in good shape [for Sunday]. Communication is something that needs to be cleaned up,” Taylor said. “Anytime you lose, that’s going to be the story until you win, I get that, that’s the way it should be. Anytime you lose a game, it’s frustrating for anyone involved and it’s tough the way we lost the two games,” he added.

A frustrating note that occurred during the game that had the Bengals’ special team going crazy on the sidelines was if the punt hit the bottom of the video board in the stadium.

The Associated Press reported that at first, it appeared a punt had hit the bottom of the giant video board hanging over the center of the field for the second week in a row. Instead, a replay review determined the punt didn’t hit the board.

Dallas’ Bryan Anger was the punter, and all the players stayed on the field expecting a re-kick until the replay determined otherwise.

Tampa Bay’s Jake Camarda struck the board in the opener, and he ended up punting three times on the same sequence after a penalty on the second kick.

“I saw with my own eyes the ball hit the scoreboard, but not on the replay I guess. That part was really frustrating. I think anyone watching the game saw that it hit the jumbotron. Just watch the game,” Zac Taylor said.

The Bengals are starting out their 2022 season on a low note as they are now 0-2 heading into week three of the season. However, as we know from last year, a couple of losses won’t stop the Bengals from reaching the Super Bowl.

Coming back from last week, wide reeiver Tee Higgins was taken out of the game for a concussion and today he was a key player. After Higgins caught a touchdown pass, hope was alive for Bengals fans everywhere.

“Tee handled it really well, he’s such an impressive human being, football player, guy in the locker room, just can’t say enough great things about him,” Taylor said about Higgins.


Joe Mixon was shown limping on the sidelines earlier on in the game, but continued to play the remainder of the game. Tight end Drew Sample was ruled out with a right knee injury after going down awkwardly on a tackle in the second quarter.


The Bengals will travel to face off against the New York Jets next Sunday at 1 p.m. Cincinnati has lost 10 of its past 11 road games against the Jets, the Associated Press reported.