DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Following the Cincinnati Bengals win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday 27 to 24, many Bengals fans are now looking forward to hitting the West Coast for the Super Bowl against the LA Rams.

Former WDTN employee Lindsay Patterson is a lifelong Bengals fan and said she and her family celebrated the big win by snagging tickets to LA. “A couple weeks ago it started to look real,” said Patterson.

“They won the wild card game. Then, they go on the road and beat Tennessee. And, this one was gonna be pretty hard facing the Kansas City Chiefs. So, we started looking and we saw Airbnbs , hotels – which I recommend if anybody’s gonna go to the Super Bowl, look at those Airbnbs if you’ve got a lot of people going. But, yeah decided to go ahead and book the plane tickets before it gets too crazy.”

Local travel agencies in the Miami Valley are also seeing a spike in Bengals fans wanting to make the trip. “Super excitement. They just are like I’ve got to be out there. Even if they don’t see the game because they can’t get a ticket or it’s beyond their budget, they wanna go out there and tailgate and just be out there with the group, with the crowd,” said North Dayton AAA Retail Store Manager Lori Comer.

Comer also said that with an event like the Super Bowl, travel agencies are also encouraging travelers to use caution when they make large spending decisions.

“Make sure you’re reading also all the policies in terms of conditions. Cancelation policies. This is a huge event so expect prices to be different than what you’re used to paying. Probably a lot of nonrefundable components,” said Comer.

Although Patterson isn’t sure if her family will be going to the actual game, she’s just excited to be in the City of Angels and supporting her favorite team. “It’s just incredible to think they are going to be playing in the Super Bowl. I think I’ve said it to myself about five or ten times this morning, and last night. So, that’s gonna be all surreal, and I can’t wait for that to actually hit,” said Patterson.

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